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2023 & 2024 Events

Gosh but we have had so much fun in 2023 and 2024 - and with more events and activities planned for the autumn this year and 2025!

The Timber Framers Guild & Kominka Collective Japan Spring Tour
April 14 - 28 2024

We have just spent an amazing two weeks with the most wonderful people on the planet - 18 members of the Timber Framers Guild - seeing all things kominka from Tokyo to Kyoto and beyond - a morning visit with Azby Brown to meet Yoshihiro Takishita at his incredible minka in Kamakura, an afternoon learning about the renovation of machiya in Kyoto with Naito Komuten and Vince Ng, three days at the Minka Summit in Hanase, a visit to the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe, temple building with Taguchi Komuten, kominka spotting in Shinshiro with Toda Komuten, and much more. We hope to do this again in the not-too-distant future!

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The Northwest Kominka & Yakisugi Festival
Camp Colton, Oregon
November 5, 2023

A wonderful time in a truly magical place with a life affirming Keynote by internationally acclaimed Japanese landscape designer, Hoichi Kurisu, and incredible workshops by Yann Giguere of Mokuchi Studio, Joshua Peterson of Shoguns Gallery, Kiyomi Koike of Zen House Kominka, David Simos of Minka, landscape designers from Kurisu International, origami by the Portland Japanese Consulate, ikebana by Nana G. Bellerud, Koji Toda and Yasuhiro Sasaki of Toda Komuten, and Kunito Niwa of the Kominka Collective. And, a calligraphy workshop and performance by SORA and three taiko, shinobue, and shamisen performances by Takohachi. We hope to organize this event again soon!

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Kominka & Yakisugi Festival Flyer .jpg
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  • Stop by the Timber Framers Guild booth to learn about the craft of timber framing and the important work the TFG is doing to support communities and preserve built cultural heritage.

  • Try some incredibly delicious inarizushi and norimakizushi at the SOEN booth - and then go back for seconds! 

  • Enjoy a friendly conversation about contemplative retreats in a kominka (and have a cup of tea and sweets) at the Kominka Life Coaching booth.

  • Visit Shogun's Gallery's booth to see beautiful, one-of-a-kind Japanese antique treasures - that you can take home!

  • Learn about an inspiring Hawaii-Japan initiative to save kominka with Milt Yamada of Japan Kominka Rescue

  • Learn how intricate origami pieces are made at the booth of the Consulate Office of Japan in Portland

  • Visit the SORA Shodo booth to see artist SORA create her extraordinary pieces in front of our eyes, inclduing bespoke pieces at your request!

  • Visit the Japanese Traditional Crafts & Artisan Goods booth for unique items by craftspeople in the Pacific Northwest and Japan! 

  • Stop by the Kominka Collective booth to learn about kominka and yakisugi, and to find out what this not-for-profit company is doing in and outside of Japan to preserve and protect these extraordinary structures.

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The Oregon Kominka Festival

Edgefields, Oregon

January 14, 2023

Kominka Collective and Toda Komuten collaborated on our first event outside of Japan! To our amazement, tickets were reserved within just a few days, and the incredible interest in kominka and the need to protect and preserve these extraordinary structures and traditional Japanese building arts was inspiring.  

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