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We bring reclaimed and reconstructed Japanese folk houses, cottages, studios, and traditional materials to the United States

The Kominka Collective works with Toda Komuten in Shinshiro Japan to bring reclaimed and restored kominka and traditional Japanese materials to the United States to give these beautiful houses and irreplaceable materials a second life and to provide opportunities for people outside of Japan to live with and enjoy traditional Japanese architecture. 

Toda Komuten, a longtime advocate for folk house preservation and restoration in Japan, disassembles old Japanese folk houses which are in very good condition but are scheduled to be demolished and rebuilds them for use as homes, studios, home offices, and shops. They are passionate about maintaining the integrity of the Japanese aesthetic while using modern technology to ensure that reconstructed komika are safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient spaces in which to live and work. 

Each Toda Kominka is unique, and the Kominka Collective works closely with you to find the size and style which best suits you and your lifestyle. 


After you have chosen a kominka, we take care of all aspects of ordering and shipping and provide personal support for the building, and decorating process. 

We would love to talk to you about the different ways to enjoy kominka and traditional Japanese materials and furnishings!

Toda Kominka Houses & ADUs

Toda Kominka House: 2,000 sq. ft. 

Toda Kominka Cottage ADU: 800 sq. ft. or less

Toda Kominka Studio (Kit)

Perfect for use as a studio, home office, family room, or quiet space. Every part of the studio - floor, walls, door, windows, loft, and roof - arrive ready to be assembled.

  • 2oo sq. ft. 

  • Beautiful Japanese timber frame construction

  • Beams are from reclaimed kominka

  • Other wood is a mix of reclaimed wood from kominka and Japanese cypress

  • Japanese plaster interior walls

  • ... floors

  • Shoji screens for all windows

  • Tatami mat elevated seating area at one end of the studio

  • ... roof

  • Loft over the tatami seating area

  • Two-day assembly by skilled carpenter 

  • Planning permission not required in most areas

  • Meets or exceeds U.S. safety and energy requirements

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