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Inazawa City has been a major transportation hub since ancient times.
Located in the western part of the city, the old town of Sobue still retains its traditional streetscape.
The property is located in the central part of the town.
The property is located in the central part of the town, in a convenient residential area dotted with many living facilities.


Although the streets around the property are winding, the site is spacious and well-maintained with a garden.
The property has a large lot and a well-maintained garden.
The house is more than 60 years old.
It took a carpenter five years to build the house.
The exterior and interior are luxurious.


From the wooden exterior walls and wet-edge to the fittings and fixtures, the house retains the atmosphere of its time.
The house retains the atmosphere of those days.
The finely crafted old fixtures and fittings, tokonoma (alcove), attached shoin (drawing room)
The finely crafted old fixtures, tokonoma, attached shoin, ranma, and coffered ceilings are a delight to the eye.


The ceiling is also made of a single board.
Although some age-related deterioration can be felt in places, there is no significant corrosion.
There is no significant corrosion.
It can be said to be an old minka in good condition that has been well cared for.


Included in the sale
The detached house is also excellent, and is as good as the main house.
The main house is also in excellent condition.


It has a tea ceremony room that was built to entertain guests.
The tea ceremony room, the porch, and even the hand-washing sinks are all full of craftsmanship and sophistication.
The house is filled with craftsmanship and sophistication, from the porch to the hand-washing sink.


The house is an old minka that should be preserved for future generations, where one can feel the culture and history of Japanese housing.

copy of Luxurious Kominka built by carpenters over a period of 5 years