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Real Kominka

This is the one and only. The essential and traditional Japanese architecture.

Only now!
Up to $38500 discount on construction costs.

Would you like to build a beautiful timber frame house built with traditional Japanese construction methods as an ADU?

Kominka is Japanese traditional old folk house

A house built using traditional Japanese construction methods that combines roughness and delicacy. We have begun offering homes in the U.S. that utilize the beams and pillars of authentic Japanese traditional houses. We invite you to be a part of this revolutional project.


beautiful timber frame

Beautiful space assembled with beautifully aged old wood.

yusyutsu (6).JPG

Japanese traditional techniques

The traditional skills of Japanese carpenters, which have been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.



A design that embodies the Japanese traditional culture of living.

Special offer
for lovers of kominka

If you are considering building an ADU in Portland, Oregon, this is your opportunity!

We are teaming up with Toda Komuten, which specializes in building houses using traditional Japanese construction methods and has experience in the preservation of many traditional buildings.

There are many traditional Japanese old folk houses that are currently vacant and destined for demolition. We take the beams and pillars from these old houses, and skilled carpenters with traditional skills work on them to beautifully revitalize them.


Approximate Building Cost

$350 / Square Foot

  • If you want to build a 600 sq size ADU, the estimated cost would be $210,000.

  • Please consider this as a guide only, as it can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the situation.

Maximum Discount Price


  • So far we have built two buildings in Oregon. This discount is a special offer to accelerate this activity.

  • Please understand that discount amounts vary depending on circumstances. For more details, let's talk directly at the online business meeting.

Application Requirements

  • There must be a plan to start construction in 2023.

  • Must be ADU construction in Portland, Oregon, or similar situation.

  • The building shall be constructed using the traditional Japanese timber frame construction method.

  • The application for a building permit shall be made after structural calculations have been performed.

  • The location must be in balance with the building and the landscape.

  • Acceptance of Japanese carpenters.


  • The deadline is the end of March 2023.

  • The number of contracts is limited and the campaign will end when all available slots are filled.

  • The campaign may be terminated due to unavoidable reasons.


Please contact us if you have any interest.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please wait a moment for our reply.

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