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Enjoy the beautiful Japanese aesthetics of a timber frame studio - and help to preserve kominka, irreplaceable old materials, and traditional built heritage. 

Introducing our ready-to-assemble Kominka Studio!

Studio Exterior.jpg
Studio Interior.jpg
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  • 2oo sq. ft., but they can be made to be smaller or larger.

  • We work with you to make sure the design is just what you want.

  • Studios can be designed to be joined with other kominka structures if you decide you want something largPerfect for use as a yoga or creative studio, home office, family room, or quiet space.

  • Beautiful Japanese timber frame beam work.

  • The studio - wood floor, finished plaster walls, door, windows, shoji screens, loft, raised tatami seating area. and roof materials - arrives as a kit ready to be assembled by a skilled carpenter.

  • Beams, posts, and joints are from kominka and other wood is a mix of reclaimed wood from kominka and Japanese cypress, and Japanese cedar.

  • Choice of traditional ceramic roof tiles or metal roof, or a combination of the two.

  • Choice of types of siding, including yakisugi (burnt cedar) using locally grown wood from depopulated rural areas in Japan.

  • Planning permission is not required in most areas if 200 sq, ft, or under.

  • Meets or exceeds U.S. safety and energy requirements

The Kominka Studio at a glance

From our

 workshop in Japan to you in 6 steps!

Timeline 2.jpg

Contact us to set up a chat to learn about our studios and let us know what you are interested in.

Check if a building permit is required in your area and prepare images showing beams, shoji screens and other furnishings.

Finalize design elements, and make decisions about other furnishings you may like to have  - such as tansu, ranma, and more.

We build the studio in our workshop in Shinshiro, Okumikawa in rural Japan so that it is ready to assemble when it arrives.

Pack the studio into cartons to be shipped, and make arrangements for overland transportation from the port.

Prepare the foundation, make arrangements for the studio to be unloaded, assembled, and for finishing work to be carried out.

Video Series Part 1:
A Kominka Studio Bound for Oregon


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