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We bring reclaimed and reconstructed Japanese folk houses, cottages, studios, and traditional materials to
North America and beyond

We would love to talk to you about the many wonderful ways to incorporate kominka and traditional Japanese materials and furnishings into your life.

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So many ways to enjoy  these extraordinary structures and beautiful old materials

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Kominka & Kominka ADUs

  • Kominka Houses are 2,000 sq ft or less

  • Kominka ADU:s are 800 sq. ft. or less

  • Perfect for use as a home or guest cottage.

  • Beautiful Japanese kominka timber frame arrives ready to be assembled by skilled carpenters

  • Beams, posts, and joints are from the original kominka  

  • Can be ordered with reclaimed ceramic roof tiles, shoji screen windows, and other materials and furnishings from the original kominka

  • Planning permission is required 

  • Are built to meet or exceed U.S. energy requirements



Traditional Materials & Furnishings

  • Incorporate old beams, posts, ceramic roof tiles,  and other materials in modern structures

  • Add interest with reclaimed ranma, shoji screens, tansu, and other furnishings

  • Use reclaimed metal, stone, and ceramic materials to create beautiful accents inside and outside the structure

Dismantling & Reassembling &  New Houses

We'd love to hear from you!
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